I was born in Glasgow, Scotland shortly before WWII. Throughout my childhood, wanderlust led me to spend my time in nature's places. This wasn't always easy. The winters in Scotland were long, dark and wet - and were devoted to school and study. Come Spring and Summer, though, I took up my rucksack and set off Youth Hosteling across the Highlands.

Along with the few changes of clothing and essentials in my rucksack, I nearly always had a camera to record the beauties that I saw around me. I never took it seriously, though, until Colin Miller, a childhood friend, snagged a job as a Press Photographer with a large Glasgow newspaper. What a gig that was! His Press credentials gained him entrance to all the greatest events in the world - or at least in my world. I knew then that I had to be a Photographer.

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Colin had got the only press job in town, bur printers worked with photographers and employed cameramen in their lithography department. At 15 years of age, I left school and took a job with a large commercial printer in Glasgow. I never did become a professional photographer or cameraman. Instead, I spent a lifetime in the printing industry.

In 1962, I emigrated to the United States and accepted a job with Finlay Printing in Hartford, Connecticut. By the late 1960's I had taken ownership of the company and remained in that position until my retirement in 1994. My work in the printing industry inspired in me a delight and fascination with light and colour. They play such important parts in printing and imaging that no printer can get by without a thorough knowledge of how they affect a printed image. These days, computers do most of the work of balancing light and colour, but throughout most of my career it was the task of a journeyman craftsman to get a beautiful landscape from film to printed product. I had the pleasure and privilege of serving two terms as President of the Hartford Club of Printing House Craftsmen.

In 1994, I sold Finlay Printing and retired to spend my summers in the Farmington Valley of Connecticut and my winters in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I've been blessed in my retirement with the ability to follow so many of my childhood dreams. I took up my childhood wanderlust and fascination with the camera, and set out to enjoy the beauty of nature and the world. Along the way, I found myself being transformed by my own art. The pure joy of spending so much time in so many beautiful places is both indescribable and immeasurable. Trying to capture the beauty and the emotion of the moment through the camera, and then recreating it on a medium that has been my life's work is an added pleasure that is intoxicating. These years have been a journey of light and enlightenment that have, using a cliche of today, exceeded my expectations.

Keep it in Focus,


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